Paranoia plays tricks with your mind
Paranoia makes shadows come alive
Monsters waiting for you in the park
Praying on all of your fears of the dark

Paranoia enters into your senses
Tests your willingness to scream out loud
Fear takes ahold grips your very soul
Unfounded perhaps, to you it is so real

Paranoia is a form of persecution
Mistrusting what is real from what is delusion
With paranoia one jumps to the wrong conclusion
Paranoia paranoia is just what you have

Is that someone following you and what was that sound
No explanation for that chill running down your spine
The creepiness quotient is there so beware
Nightmares come from paranoia and from your fears

Paranoia’s gotten ahold of you
Founded or not, fear grips your senses
Darkness can hide all the beasts and monsters
Paranoia paranoia’s got a hold of you

Too Late

It’s too late to say, “Good-bye”
Too too much pain and sorrow
You left me in the bye and bye
Ran away in the tomorrow

I gave you my heart from the start
And then you tore it all apart
Now it’s too late to make amends
Too too late too too late. Amen

Forever a lover and then tossed away
The very best part of my love I gave
Like a rollin’ those worry dice
Now gotta pay a higher price

No more good-byes cause it’s too late
No apologies no I’m sorry’s
Oh what a tangled web you did weave
When first you practiced to deceive

You know you’ll never find someone
Someone who’ll love you more than I
You can believe it or not it’s so
I cannot cry anymore so please just go

It’s too late to say, “Good-bye”
Too too late to say, “I’m sorry”
You left me know the bye and bye
Ran away in the tomorrow

Too too late

It’s True

Isn’t it strange isn’t it so funny
How so many lovers are lying
Lying to themselves or to their honeys
Over time relationships may start dying

Watch for the warnings
Heed those signs
Sometimes it just doesn’t work out fine
Or you’ll be sorry one down the line

Many times love isn’t really love at all
Many times it’s just mutual attraction
That kind of love winds soon to a grind
Over time there’ll be no satisfaction

Passion is wonderful while it lasts
But like a jaguar it’ll be used up fast
Find someone that makes you smile and laugh
Or one who’ll keep the secrets of your past

If you want to be loved then give it away
Love has to be shared every single day
Long kisses longer hugs much better than passion
Give love away and it will came back to stay

Love isn’t love ‘till you give it away
Love will then come back to stay
Love from you will stay stay stay
If you just give it away

The Middle

“Once upon a time”
We’ve all read that line
And lived a life of
Sadness pain and sorrow

“They lived happily ever after”
Really, who are they kidding
The beginning and the ending
Are the parts we all know

Ah-ha, but now guess what
The story’s in the middle
Just like in real life
The story’s in the middle

Will yours be full of adventure
Full of love, joy and happiness
Full of wonder, awe and mystery
Joy, love, wonder, awe, and mystery

Every day is a page
Pages of our life’s story
How will yours really read
Full of stresses and pain
Or singing in the rain

Did you say, “I’ll take a chance”
And did you choose to dance
Did you did you did you
Once upon a time once upon a time
Here we go again

In the Silence of My Room

The quietness is deafening
It eats away at your soul
The toaster pops and you jump
So very quiet it’s frightening
In the silence of my room

The heat kicks on and it’s welcoming
The swooshing of air is barely audible
The clicking of the knitting needles
Seems to play a harmonizing tune
In the silence of my room

No music paying no TV it’s all so very boring
Same old shows different verses-“Pete and Re-Pete”
I can smile but it’s hard to laugh out loud
Sounds so hollow echoing in an empty room
In the silence of my room

I walk through the woods but there is no breeze
Just the rustling of the dead dried leaves
Seems the birds are napping as there’s no tap-tapping
Standing still all sounds seem to freeze
In the silence of the forest

It is said, “Silence is Golden”
And for a short time it surely is
But too much can drive you mad
Or at the very least make you sad

Silence can be a friend
But it can also be a foe
Silence can be deafening
It can eat away at your soul
Silence-just pure silence
In the silence of my room


Day by day I can see your love is dying
I know you’re planning on leavin’ soon
Sometimes even the best of love dies
Sometimes all the light goes out and you cry

Love lost carries with it so much pain
Sometime you feel like you’re going insane
All those memories will haunt you for a long long time

Day by day I can see your love is dying
People change with not fault left behind
Sometimes you just can’t keep love alive
Sometimes even the best of love dies

Could I have changed the outcome
Could I have change my own fate
Forever that question will keep me up late
But sometimes even the best of love dies

There’s a lesson to be learned
And it’s from the heart
But now I’ll get on with my life
Make a new start

Day by day I could see your love was dying
I knew you’d be leaving soon
Sometimes even the best of love dies
Sometimes all you can do is just cry

Sometimes sometimes
Love just dies


I heard a voice with my heart
Echoing like a whispering lark
I heard a voice within my soul
Saying you must go tell him so

I heard a voice with my head
Telling me to hear what’s being said
“Listen, listen, listen, Woman, listen
Listen, listen, listen”

My heart, my head, my soul
Know that I love you so
Why do I hesitate—what’s it gonna take
Afraid so stepping out of my comfort zone

Braver in the morning light
Then a coward at midnight
Once bitten then you’re shy, shy, shy
Once bitten then you cry, cry, cry

Voice urging me to love again
Not to let life pass me by
Don’t know why I can’t comply
Hurts so bad I can’t reply

Voices urging me to take another chance
Voices urging me to just get up and dance
Saying, “Go, silly fool-go and tell him so
Go tell him that you love him-just go, go, go”

When I Grow Up (at age 77)

When I grow up I’m going to be demure
I’m gonna Tee Hee instead of guffaw
I’ll quite screaming at the TV during a game
And I’ll sit quietly like a proper dame

When I grow up I’ll not tell jokes
Or do my imitations of a frog croaking
I’ll reframe from yelling at a stupid driver
And when someone pisses me off, I’ll just smile

When I grow up I’ll be so proper
A transformation from funny to boring
I’ll read Cosmo instead of Road and Driver
And I’ll eat my fried chicken with a fork

Well, maybe not that

When I grow up I’ll wear shoes in the house
I’ll listen to the Metropolitan instead of the opera
Gonna replace Charlie Daniels picture with Pavarotti’s
I’ll drink wine in a stemmed glass instead of beer in a bottle

After writing this song
I think I’ll be like Peter Pan
And never grow old

The Note

I left you a note
Cleaned out my closet
Put your ring on the kitchen counter
And I left you a note

Have for forgotten who helped you with your addiction
Have you forgotten the crying, the pleading, and the begging
Stay, stay, stay, please stay
I promise I’ll get clean

I love you so
I need you so
I want you so
Please, please, please, stay

I put my life on hold
To save your soul
But to no avail, to no avail
You are back in rehab and I am leaving today

Find some else to hold your hand
Someone else to pull you up and to help you stand
I’ve done all that I can and I’m walking out the door
It’s time to save myself

I left you a note
I left you a note
I’ve done all that I can and all that I will
I left you a note.

Think Twice

When you have nothing but time to ponder and think

Your soul should hold no pain from your past
And sweet time now with you should abide

Every wrong or bad decision you will remember
Every hurtful thing you said will haunt you
So while you’re young think twice about that

Memories can be beautiful or they can cause pain
If you think now that you won’t cave, think again
Too late to make amends; you will be sorry

A face from the past or a hateful or mean thing done
Lack of respect or just being way to crass
My friend, trust me when I say, you’ll forget none

So while you are young think twice
Think twice about your words or your actions
You will relive your past that’s the price

With age, your life in the past, comes alive