Are you ever gonna make up your mind
Are you every gonna say what I need you to say
I’ve been patient and I’ve been kind
Seems you just might not want to be mine

I know you’ve been really hurt and I can sympathize
Cause I have also been down that road many a time
I let you know right from the start that I don’t play around
All you said was you need more time to rebound

Love with me is never a game-you knew that from the start
Now it’s your time to let go of the past or set me free
Cause you’re driving crazy—l love you can’t you see
But I’m not gonna stick around forever sweet baby

I love and I want you but I’ll not make the next move
I don’t hare and I don’t fit into that kind of groove
So rid yourself of all your lovers past and present, too
There’s some things I won’t do for you

So make up your mind if you want to be mine
Cause I’m coming to the end of my line
Baby, make up your mind


Who gives you a tissue to dry your tears
Who gives you a hug to always cheer
Who replaces your doubt with hope
Who uplifts you when you’re down in the dumps

Who expects nothing when the give, give, give
Who sees your darkest hour then brings the sunshine in
Sometimes no one is around that is your kin
When no family is around who fills in

A friend helps you up when you fall
They can turn a fear into a cheer
Good buddies don’t pass judgment at all
Friends are like flower in your garden of life

Peace and grace, good friends can bring
Smiles, jokes, and happiness to make you sing
Good friends forget and forgive and help you shine
Your stupidity then accept most of the time

Friends, good friends, are one of the best parts of life
Friends, good friends


There’s an angel on my shoulder
I cannot see her but I believe
Cause when I’m down in spirit
She whispers to me “Be of good cheer.”

Don’t buckle under the stairs
Don’t give in to all that pain
Tomorrow will be a better day
Focus on your light for your way

Dream when you’re feeling badly
Think of what could come at last
A wish fulfilled to ease the sad
Joy from the work that you have had

Bones aching, loneliness in the dark
Pity party for one for the stark
Never give up and never give in
That’s the only way you have to win

Angel on my shoulder to lift me up
Belief that tomorrow will be a better day
When all is said and all is done
Start your day off with a happy song

Angel on my shoulder showing me the way
Peace come to anyone who will pray
Joy for the living, joy for those who are giving
Angel on my shoulder showing me the way


Sundown-what a way to end a day
Sundown-it is the beginning of the ending of another day
Sundown-it is a tragedy in the making
If you squandered this day

Sundowns are like a life
There’s a beginning and an ending
Every culmination of every single day, as with a life
Is sad no matter how wonderful it has been

Sundown, Sundown what a way to end a day
We pay little attention to ordinary days
But no day is really just ordinary
Every day is a one of a kind
And sundowns remind us
That this day was so fine

Did you lend a helping hand
Did you laugh or make someone smile
Were you honest and sincere

Sundowns are for counting your blessings
And being thankful for this unique one of a kind day
Sundown, sundown-what a way to end the day


It don’t matter what I say
Cause, Baby, you don’t listen anyway
I’ve loved you for so long now, I know
When you’re mad, you pout and off you go

You never even let me explain
Most times it’s a misunderstanding
Baby, Baby how I love you so
But you have got to learn how to listen
Give me just five minutes of your time
Then you’ll be able to make up your mind

Baby, Baby please listen to what I say
Cause you ain’t making it easy to stay
There’s always two sides to any story
Please listen or I’ll just have to walk away

I have been loyal and I have been true
You won’t ever find someone better
So learn to listen, Baby, please do
You know I do not want to lose you

But you have got to learn to listen

By This Time

By this time tomorrow you’re gonna be a distant memory
Told you I’d leave you but you did not believe me
Now you’re gonna need a whole lot of sympathy
By this time tomorrow I’ll be breathing fresh air
I’ll be smiling even though we were a pretty good pair
But, Honey, you’ve got way too much baggage to care

By this time tomorrow I’ll be clean out of sight
Sure liked you a lot except you do like to fight
Had to leave cause of your temper-I’m doing what’s right
By this time tomorrow I’ll be celebrating
Just way too much irritating and aggravation
Stayed cause I thought you’d change-now ain’t no doubting

By this time tomorrow my healing will see me through
Being true to myself, now I know is way past due
Love should be dark-should be like a rainbow hue
Honey you have got to stop making a storm
Especially when the sun is shining
By this time tomorrow you’re gonna be just a distant memory

A Beer

I like to go to my favorite bar at the City Café
Like to watch a game, eat hot wings, have a beer
I’m as contented as a tick on a hound
Then invariably it happens
Have no fear

A gal sits down beside me
Got a shiner the size of a moon pie
Starts weeping and telling me her life story
Oh, give me a break
All I wanted was a beer

Say her boyfriend is 6’6”, 350lbs.
If he comes in, I should run, run, run
I attract these gals like flies to honey
Is it cause I sit at the end of the bar
Ord do I have a sign on me
A sign that says “sucker for a sob story”?

I could stay home but I love this bar
Big Screen TV is a draw and hot wings to die for
Gonna tell them gals
No more sob stories
No more, no more
That’s what bar tenders are for

The River’s Edge

I went down, down to the water’s edge
Watched the tides for a long, long time
Thought how easy it would be
To just let the water carry me
These are the times that try my soul
Though there are wonders for me to behold
Lost my way so many years ago
Now the blight of loneliness leaves me cold
River to the sea carry me, carry me
Along a path unknown to thee
Gentle rain falling on the rushing sea
Like my life full of choices, full of doubt
My eyes are open but stll I cannot see
For my heart is cold since you left me
Like the sea tides, life comes and goes
Leaving remnants of all that it beholds
I went down to the water’s edge
Watched the tides for a long, long time
Thought how easy it would be
To just let the water carry me
Carry me Ole Man Sea, carry me
Carry me home across the sea
Carry me to the place where I want to be
Carry me, carry me, carry me

The Pauper Man

The doors to the chapel were draped in black

Turned down low were all the amber lights

Sweet soft music now being played

Final resting place in this lovely glade

A bucolic setting fit for queen and kings

Yet today a lonely pauper was being laid

Laid to rest in this chapel’s bright garden

Amongst the famous writers and poets like the Bard

A pauper whose only claim to fame

Was that he had been a true and honest man

A simple example of what God had intended

When He likened us to his humble son

Goodness and mercy followed this pauper man

A shining example that we all can understand

The Golden Rule was his beacon of light

And helping others to see what is right

The glory and heavens

Waiting for the pauper man

I Never Knew

I never knew I could love someone like you

and blessed am I to also be loved by you
I Never knew
I never knew what it was like to have someone to lean on
All of your burdens,
  all of your cares seem so much lighter
I never knew
But I know now
And now I know how that Bluebird feels when he flies over the rainbow
I never knew
But I know now………………….
I never knew I could be so happy 
Just to have someone’s hand to hold on to
I never knew
I never knew falling asleep in someones arms could be so grand
and that wishes could and do really come true
I never knew
I never knew there’s a world of difference 
between just existing and being so happy to be living
I never knew
But I know now
And now I know how that Bluebird feels when he flies over the Rainbow
I never knew 
But I know now
I know now……………………

Songs By Caty Lou: The Music of Catharine Hess