“Songs From Serenity” is Catharine’s first fully produced album. All money from sales goes to Catharine.


“Dispatches From Nowhere” contains versionsĀ of some of Catharine’s songs arranged and performed by Tennessee based musician Peter Dickson. It can be streamed online for free. All money from sale of the album goes directly to Catharine.

2 thoughts on “Music”

  1. HI I was at your performance tonight. The Did I song really got to me.I to am widowed we married when were both19.we were married 31 years before he lost his battle with heart disease.I look forward to hearing much more
    Thanks and the best to you in your battle with the big C. will keep you in my prayers Nola

  2. NOLA,
    i just read your comment and i wanted to thank you. I wrote that in 2012, the second song i ever wrote and couldn’t sing it for a long time without crying. I don’t know if you’ve read my story or not but know you know about my second battle with cancer. I wrote my first song in March of 2012 in a dream and have wriiten hundreds since. The ca was diagnosed in March of 2013. The music is why I chose to fight it. 52 years of marriage is hard to overcome. My first cd is out and will be for sale at City Cafe for ten dollars or whatever anyone can afford or even for free. The profits will go to the Lewis county cancer fund. If you come back in Jan. on a Wed. nite please introduce yourself to me. Cat Hess—–

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Songs By Caty Lou: The Music of Catharine Hess