Love’s Pain

Some poets say, “Tis better to have loved and lost”
But I say, “Oh no, no, no, it certainly is not”
Pain and misery are what you are left with
Fear and sadness and then certain bitterness

Had I never loved you, would I be hurting so
Everywhere I look, there are reminders of you
The book that you never finished reading
And left undone that wonderful painting

I close my eyes at night and I see you
Awaken with a start dreaming it’s not true
Our bed is so cold since you’ve been gone
My tears fall like from a sad, sad song

Friends say it will get better in time, in time
But they must not have had a love like yours and mine
Like a bell left un-rung like a song unsung
All time stands still when true love in gone

Some poets say, “Tis better to have loved and lost”
But I say, “Oh, no, no, no, it certainly is not”

Silly Silly Fool

Thought I had gotten over you, silly, silly me
Thought I put you on that shelf for all past lovers
But there you were on that park bench lookin’ so fine
The place where you said, “Good-bye” and broke that heart of mine

You didn’t see me, so I slipped behind a tree
My heart doing flip flops that no one could see
Must have just been foolin’ myself, that’s so true
Silly, silly fool to think I’d gotten over you

What do I do now-Just walk up and say, “Hello”
Or go back the way I came, pretend you never showed
I already know that I’m not good at pretending
I know I still love you but do I want you back again

My head is saying, “No, no you fool, not again”
But my heart is screaming, “Oh, yes, yes, yes you do
Go to him; listen to what he has to say to you
Or you’ll forever wonder what might have been”

Silly, silly fool
To think you had gotten over him


The wind whispers your name to me
The river lulls me with its mystery
Trees bending, swaying in a wild harmony
This is the land that I have loved

Soft gentle rain tap tapping on the panes
Geese honking saying winder time is coming
Gone are the stifling days of summer
Gone are the splashings in the lake for fun

The smell of snow is in the air
No more frogs croaking no more fireflies
Falling leaves rustling leaving branches bare
Shorter days in which to wander

Gone too soon was the summer
Gone to the wild flowers in the meadow
Gone lazy days of hammock laying
Or having time to just let your mind wander

Gone too too soon was the summer

12 Little Words

As you walked out the door
You turned to me and said
“You’ll never make it all alone
You’ll never make it without me”

Now on my worse days and when they are so bad
When I am down in spirit and so very sad
I remember your worlds and I am so glad
The best motivational speech ever given

Twelve words of intense retaliation
Meant to hurt and cause humiliation
But like from the ashes the phoenix rose
A path unknown to me I simply chose

It is said, “We reap what we sow”
Truer words were never written
Cause you are back in Rehab
Sure wish you’d left me sooner

But “Better later than never
Better later than never”

Every night I say the same prayer of thanksgiving
“Thank you for those twelve little words”
Just twelve little words
That set me free
“You’ll never make it all alone
You’ll never make it without me”

Boy, you were so wrong

The Date

We moved down here from way up north
The boy next door to us was luscious
He asked me to go on a date
He asked me to go a gigging
I was so thrilled I couldn’t wait

Spent two hours on my hair
Make-up put with care
Nails done with little stars on
Wore my Ralph Lauren jeans
New shirt, shoes with special laces

He picked me up in a 4-wheeler at eight
I did think that was a bit strange
We drove through the muddy fields
Coming at last to a couple of ponds
He hands me a stick with prongs
And says, “come on come on
This is gonna be fun
We are going to get dirty”

The moral of my story: He said, “We were gonna get dirty”
I did not know he meant literally

Southern boys sure know how to make a good impression on their first date
And they really know how to treat a Yankee.

Red River Valley

Have you ever seen the Red River Valley
Or swam in the turbulent Missouri
Pitched a tent in the Tetons or Grand Canyon
Rafted down the majestic Colorado

Have you hunted bears, elk, moose, or buffalo
Slept under the stars in the great state of Texas
Or rode a buckin’ bronco in Amarillo
Ventured across the border into “Me-hi-co”

Have you ridden a horse across Montana
Hiked a trial from Idaho to Canada
Or seen the bad, Bad Lands of the La Kowtos
Viewed carvings of Crazy Horse or Rushmore

How long has it been since you’ve heard a loon tune
Or made love in the glow of a Harvest Moon
Or seen the beauty of Mother Nature’s plains
Hitched a ride in a Wild West Wagon train

You say dangerous—I say doldrums
Be safe from all harm and die of boredom
It’s a small world but oh so wonderful
Go make memories for a lifetime

Com on people have some fun
Life should be an adventure
Go out shouting, “What a ride!”
Go out shouting, “What a ride, what a ride


I was born in a Smokey Mountain holler
Grew up alongside all kinds of wildlife
Bears, mountain men, cats wearing dresses, earrings, knives

My pappy taught me how to run like hell
When he came a-lookin’ to give me a whoopin’
My brothers taught me how to fight and stay out of jail
My sisters taught me how to flirt, how to get a girl

Now, I’m better at flirtin’ than at fightin’
That’s why I stay in so much trouble
Then there gals I can’t figure out
One minute they’re a kissin’; next they’re a shootin’

I like the danger of making moonshine
Playin’ Hide and Seek with the sheriff and
Driving crazy at night though the mountain side
Turn off your lights and they’ll never find you

I like making shine
Kissin’ purdy gals so fine
Both can get you into trouble
Both can get you killed

I like livin’ in our mountain holler
With the wild, wild animals of the human king


Are you ever gonna make up your mind
Are you every gonna say what I need you to say
I’ve been patient and I’ve been kind
Seems you just might not want to be mine

I know you’ve been really hurt and I can sympathize
Cause I have also been down that road many a time
I let you know right from the start that I don’t play around
All you said was you need more time to rebound

Love with me is never a game-you knew that from the start
Now it’s your time to let go of the past or set me free
Cause you’re driving crazy—l love you can’t you see
But I’m not gonna stick around forever sweet baby

I love and I want you but I’ll not make the next move
I don’t hare and I don’t fit into that kind of groove
So rid yourself of all your lovers past and present, too
There’s some things I won’t do for you

So make up your mind if you want to be mine
Cause I’m coming to the end of my line
Baby, make up your mind


Who gives you a tissue to dry your tears
Who gives you a hug to always cheer
Who replaces your doubt with hope
Who uplifts you when you’re down in the dumps

Who expects nothing when the give, give, give
Who sees your darkest hour then brings the sunshine in
Sometimes no one is around that is your kin
When no family is around who fills in

A friend helps you up when you fall
They can turn a fear into a cheer
Good buddies don’t pass judgment at all
Friends are like flower in your garden of life

Peace and grace, good friends can bring
Smiles, jokes, and happiness to make you sing
Good friends forget and forgive and help you shine
Your stupidity then accept most of the time

Friends, good friends, are one of the best parts of life
Friends, good friends


There’s an angel on my shoulder
I cannot see her but I believe
Cause when I’m down in spirit
She whispers to me “Be of good cheer.”

Don’t buckle under the stairs
Don’t give in to all that pain
Tomorrow will be a better day
Focus on your light for your way

Dream when you’re feeling badly
Think of what could come at last
A wish fulfilled to ease the sad
Joy from the work that you have had

Bones aching, loneliness in the dark
Pity party for one for the stark
Never give up and never give in
That’s the only way you have to win

Angel on my shoulder to lift me up
Belief that tomorrow will be a better day
When all is said and all is done
Start your day off with a happy song

Angel on my shoulder showing me the way
Peace come to anyone who will pray
Joy for the living, joy for those who are giving
Angel on my shoulder showing me the way