Are you ever gonna make up your mind
Are you every gonna say what I need you to say
I’ve been patient and I’ve been kind
Seems you just might not want to be mine

I know you’ve been really hurt and I can sympathize
Cause I have also been down that road many a time
I let you know right from the start that I don’t play around
All you said was you need more time to rebound

Love with me is never a game-you knew that from the start
Now it’s your time to let go of the past or set me free
Cause you’re driving crazy—l love you can’t you see
But I’m not gonna stick around forever sweet baby

I love and I want you but I’ll not make the next move
I don’t hare and I don’t fit into that kind of groove
So rid yourself of all your lovers past and present, too
There’s some things I won’t do for you

So make up your mind if you want to be mine
Cause I’m coming to the end of my line
Baby, make up your mind