I heard a voice with my heart
Echoing like a whispering lark
I heard a voice within my soul
Saying you must go tell him so

I heard a voice with my head
Telling me to hear what’s being said
“Listen, listen, listen, Woman, listen
Listen, listen, listen”

My heart, my head, my soul
Know that I love you so
Why do I hesitate—what’s it gonna take
Afraid so stepping out of my comfort zone

Braver in the morning light
Then a coward at midnight
Once bitten then you’re shy, shy, shy
Once bitten then you cry, cry, cry

Voice urging me to love again
Not to let life pass me by
Don’t know why I can’t comply
Hurts so bad I can’t reply

Voices urging me to take another chance
Voices urging me to just get up and dance
Saying, “Go, silly fool-go and tell him so
Go tell him that you love him-just go, go, go”