In the Silence of My Room

The quietness is deafening
It eats away at your soul
The toaster pops and you jump
So very quiet it’s frightening
In the silence of my room

The heat kicks on and it’s welcoming
The swooshing of air is barely audible
The clicking of the knitting needles
Seems to play a harmonizing tune
In the silence of my room

No music paying no TV it’s all so very boring
Same old shows different verses-“Pete and Re-Pete”
I can smile but it’s hard to laugh out loud
Sounds so hollow echoing in an empty room
In the silence of my room

I walk through the woods but there is no breeze
Just the rustling of the dead dried leaves
Seems the birds are napping as there’s no tap-tapping
Standing still all sounds seem to freeze
In the silence of the forest

It is said, “Silence is Golden”
And for a short time it surely is
But too much can drive you mad
Or at the very least make you sad

Silence can be a friend
But it can also be a foe
Silence can be deafening
It can eat away at your soul
Silence-just pure silence
In the silence of my room