It’s True

Isn’t it strange isn’t it so funny
How so many lovers are lying
Lying to themselves or to their honeys
Over time relationships may start dying

Watch for the warnings
Heed those signs
Sometimes it just doesn’t work out fine
Or you’ll be sorry one down the line

Many times love isn’t really love at all
Many times it’s just mutual attraction
That kind of love winds soon to a grind
Over time there’ll be no satisfaction

Passion is wonderful while it lasts
But like a jaguar it’ll be used up fast
Find someone that makes you smile and laugh
Or one who’ll keep the secrets of your past

If you want to be loved then give it away
Love has to be shared every single day
Long kisses longer hugs much better than passion
Give love away and it will came back to stay

Love isn’t love ‘till you give it away
Love will then come back to stay
Love from you will stay stay stay
If you just give it away