Paranoia plays tricks with your mind
Paranoia makes shadows come alive
Monsters waiting for you in the park
Praying on all of your fears of the dark

Paranoia enters into your senses
Tests your willingness to scream out loud
Fear takes ahold grips your very soul
Unfounded perhaps, to you it is so real

Paranoia is a form of persecution
Mistrusting what is real from what is delusion
With paranoia one jumps to the wrong conclusion
Paranoia paranoia is just what you have

Is that someone following you and what was that sound
No explanation for that chill running down your spine
The creepiness quotient is there so beware
Nightmares come from paranoia and from your fears

Paranoia’s gotten ahold of you
Founded or not, fear grips your senses
Darkness can hide all the beasts and monsters
Paranoia paranoia’s got a hold of you