I had finished my 3 day gig
On my way out of Boston
I stopped for a bite to eat

The waitress brought the menu over
And I ordered BBQ and tea-sweet
She brought out my BBQ

I looked at it and said
You brought me the wrong order
Snippily she said, “This is BBQ

I slid the plate across the table
Didn’t look like BBQ to me
I told her, “fine-just bring me my tea”

She came out with a pot and a cup and saucer
Started pourin’ something green in that cup
I said, “what is that?” she said, “house blend green tea with mint”

I slid that next to the plate
Told her, “Lady, go find a big glass fill with ice and tea—sweet”
Her face got real puffed up and red

She place a hand on the table
Leaned in real close and said,
“It’s ten degrees outside you Georgia Cracker

We don’t serve ice tea in the winter
And you think you’re gonna stiff me for that
Think again

I slid out of the both
Pulled out my gig pay
Peeled back 100’s, 50’s, 20’s
Found a ten, picked up the tab
Gave them both to her
And said, “Keep the change, Little Darlin’, Keep the Change

Put on my cowboy hat
Walked to my truck
Pointed it south

Laughed and sang, “Keep the change, keep the change, Little Darlin’”
All the way to Nashville
The tab was nine dollars and ninety cents