Eight On A Break

From across the room I saw you
Like what I saw so I walked over
Blue eyes—black hair—that’s so rare
So, so nice so I walked on over

Said, “I’ll play you; winner gets a dollar
Although it’s your table I wanna break”
So I racked `em, broke `em—it sounded like thunder
I gave you a wind, then I sank the eight

I sank the eight on a break and I won your heart
Baby, baby, baby…here we are
Twenty-two years later and what a pair we make
Just because I sank the eight on a break

You said, “Darlin’, any gal that can sink an eight
Is getting’ more from me than a dollar
How `bout a dance, `cause it is gettin’ late
Then on the way home we’ll plan for tomorrow”

That was twenty-two years ago today
I wond your heart when I sank the eight
The first time you kissed me, it shook me like thunder
Baby, look at the pair we do make