First Move

I close my eyes and look into my heart
And there you are where you’ve been from the start
I love you long before you knew who I was
But no you tell me that you knew and loved me too

Both of us hurting from a rejection
When you’ve been hurt and had a broken heart
Both of us afraid to make that first move
We’re at the same party and I shake your hand

I shook your hand I looked into your eyes I knew I knew
That was years ago, two wonderful decades it’s true
Love must be protected in order to grow and thrive
Never take it for granted work at keeping it alive

This we learned from our first love’s rejection
Once bitten then twice shy to start a new relation
Every day now we make it a celebration
Never failing to hug each other and spend time together

Never let love be taken for granted
Or in time it will wither on the vine
Start your days with a morning kiss so fine
At day’s end fall asleep with each other in mind

A love that will last a lifetime needs blissfulness
Never let it die for lack of happiness
Growing old together takes patience and thoughtfulness
Mean what you say and say it over and over again

“I love you, Sweetheart
For all of my life
I love you, my dear
Please have not fear