Red Necked Blue Blooded

I’m a redneck blue-blooded American
Rather drive my pick-up than a Mercedes
Want my gals in Levis not fancy dresses
Like them real instead of sophisticated

I can shoot a deer through the eye at 500 paces
I don’t like talkin’ politics or debating, ya’ll
I like hillbilly music and watching Nascar races
Like my catfish friend, not raw and rolled in rice balls

Sure like pickin’ on my banjo and my guitar
Line dancing `till two at the local bare
My buds are all rough and rowdy pool-shootin’ guys
And we ain’t got o up-tight, straight-laced, prudish gals

I was born and reared here in the Deep South
Got white lightening running through my veins
Always got a tooth pick in my mouth
It’s called, “dessert” by us hillbilly brains

I’m a blue-blooded American and I’m a redneck
Workin’ real hard trying to make a livin’
Having a lot of fun every Saturday night
And then feeling like Hell come Sunday morning

I’m just a redneck blue-blooded American
And I’m right proud to be one
And I’m right proud to be one