Nature’s Gifts

Mother Nature gives us all so many gifts
From lovely rainbows to wild flowers
Gifts that just keep on giving

I’d rather be a willow
Bending in a storm
Rather be a willow
Than an oak that breaks and harms

I’d rather be a dandelion
A weed that grows in any ground
Children like to pluck my blooms
And love to blow away my seedlings

I’d love to be a butterfly
Instead of a lonely dragonfly
I’d be wonderfully colored
And loved by everyone

I’d rather be a four-leaf cover
That makes one and all smile
Some think I bring them luck
They press me in their Bibles

Blessed so are all
With Mother Nature’s gifts of wonder
Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall
Each area showing its own splendor

Payback is Hell

Oh, I really wanna watch you fall
Too many of us you’ve left in your wake
Like all those notches on your belt
Someday you’re gonna know what it’s like
To love and then be left
Someday, someday
Payback is Hell

Rack `um and stack `um
And let `em fall
It’s just a game after all
But cupid’s arrow shoots both ways
And when you least expect it, you’ll fall
Payback is Hell

You’ll have wasted days and nights
Your words will fall on deaf ears
She’ll tease you and not treat you right
She’ll introduce you to Heaven
But she’ll leave you in Hell
Payback is Hell

She’ll string you out and tie you into knots
She’ll turn you every which way but loose
You’ll find yourself caught up in a noose
Tossing and turning
Pleading and begging
Oh, yeah, payback is Hell

The best of a lover
You’ll never want another
She’s everything you’ve ever desired or ever wanted
But she quickly tires
Moving on to her next conquest
Yeah, yeah, payback is Hell

Music is Life

She’s just a young soul

In an old body

Hoping and wishing

For another decade or two

She’ll have time left

To tap her feet

And dance in the street

She’s not going quietly

Gonna slide to her grave

Yellin’ “Oh, Boy—What a Ride!”

Sing at her grave, if you must

But do an Eagles song or two

She’ll be rocking and rolling

Dancing and singing

Tapping her feet to the beat

Love her song-love her

Songs that make you happy

Song that make your sad

A legacy to live on

Today, Not Tomorrow

Remember the laughter
Remember the fun
Time together we had
You can’t ask for more, Hon

A year in the mountains
Time in the sun
Nomads were we, just movin’ along
Always pickin’ and singin’ our songs

I have nothing to leave you, my dear
Only sweet memories of our years
But we used up every single day
Made the best of them along the way

Don’t cry for me when I’m gone
We had so much fun, didn’t we
Tears are only for things left undone
And in that we surely had none

Remember the dances in the snow and rain
Moonlight magic in the Spanish plains
Making love on our catamaran
While listening to that Calypso band.

Don’t cry for me when I’m gone
Every moment we had was like a song
No regrets, Sweetheart, no tears of sorrow
We lived for the todays and not the tomorrows.

Don’t cry for me when I’m gone
We had so much fun, didn’t we
Tears are only for things left undone
And in that we surly had none

Don’t cry for me, Sweetheart
You know I’m just a memory away

Red Necked Blue Blooded

I’m a redneck blue-blooded American
Rather drive my pick-up than a Mercedes
Want my gals in Levis not fancy dresses
Like them real instead of sophisticated

I can shoot a deer through the eye at 500 paces
I don’t like talkin’ politics or debating, ya’ll
I like hillbilly music and watching Nascar races
Like my catfish friend, not raw and rolled in rice balls

Sure like pickin’ on my banjo and my guitar
Line dancing `till two at the local bare
My buds are all rough and rowdy pool-shootin’ guys
And we ain’t got o up-tight, straight-laced, prudish gals

I was born and reared here in the Deep South
Got white lightening running through my veins
Always got a tooth pick in my mouth
It’s called, “dessert” by us hillbilly brains

I’m a blue-blooded American and I’m a redneck
Workin’ real hard trying to make a livin’
Having a lot of fun every Saturday night
And then feeling like Hell come Sunday morning

I’m just a redneck blue-blooded American
And I’m right proud to be one
And I’m right proud to be one


Listen to me children
They won’t see your light
If it’s hidden under a barrel
Clean out of sight

Listen to me children
Listen to what I say
For evil to triumph
All ya gotta do
Is look away

Listen to me children
Please stop the harm
Don’t put that needle
Into your arm

Listen to me children
I see your plight
Sometimes you gotta fight
Sometimes it’s right

Listen to me children
Hear what I say
You ain’t getting’ to Heaven
Acting that way

Listen to me children
Listen to me speak
Knock the door will open
And you’ll find what you seek

Listen to me children
I’m the past generation
Life lesson learned the hard way
Listen to me children hear what I have to say

Listen, listen, listen

Gonna Cry

Clouds gettin’ black
Boiling cloud and lightenin’ strikes
Someone’s gonna cry tonight
Someone’s gonna cry tonight

Little thing often add up to a lot
You can die from a lot of tiny cuts
Broke my heart right in two
Tears mixing with the pouring rain

Clouds gettin’ black
Boiling clouds and lightenin’ strikes

Can’t take back those cruel words
Can’t take away all the pain
It’s the same ole song, same ole game
Wind’s blowin’ wind’s howlin’

Someone’s gonna cry tonight
Break a heart

Some’s gonna cry tonight
Seems love comes to me only
Only on a temporary basis
Too many lies, too many lies

Tears blurring out the rain
Seems no change; no sunlight
Loneliness of days and nights
No one around to share my plight

Clouds getting’ black
Boiling clouds and lightenin’ strikes
Someone’s gonna cry tonight
Someone’s gonna break a heart

First Move

I close my eyes and look into my heart
And there you are where you’ve been from the start
I love you long before you knew who I was
But no you tell me that you knew and loved me too

Both of us hurting from a rejection
When you’ve been hurt and had a broken heart
Both of us afraid to make that first move
We’re at the same party and I shake your hand

I shook your hand I looked into your eyes I knew I knew
That was years ago, two wonderful decades it’s true
Love must be protected in order to grow and thrive
Never take it for granted work at keeping it alive

This we learned from our first love’s rejection
Once bitten then twice shy to start a new relation
Every day now we make it a celebration
Never failing to hug each other and spend time together

Never let love be taken for granted
Or in time it will wither on the vine
Start your days with a morning kiss so fine
At day’s end fall asleep with each other in mind

A love that will last a lifetime needs blissfulness
Never let it die for lack of happiness
Growing old together takes patience and thoughtfulness
Mean what you say and say it over and over again

“I love you, Sweetheart
For all of my life
I love you, my dear
Please have not fear

Country Road

Invite a country road to lunch
Find a shady spot by a creek
Spread your quilt and picnic out
The creek will sing to you without a doubt

Invite a country road to lunch
Slip off your shoes-slip off those shoes
Step gently into that cold creek
It’s a country respite for us all

Invite a country road to lunch
Lean up against that tree
Rest your weariness-your soul to keep
Life is too short not to take the time

So invite a country road to lunch
I love the barns-the new or fallen down
I love wild flowers in fields astounding
I love seeing ole folks sittin’ on their porches

Invite a country road to lunch
And share it with a friend
No café could ever be better
The scenes, smells, sounds of Mother Nature

Invite a country road to lunch
Invite a country road to lunch
It’s one of life’s simple pleasures
It’s one of life’s simple pleasures

Hillbilly Girls

I’m just a hillbilly girl from the Sticks
And I am proud, right proud of it
Now most girls from the South will say
They are Southern Belles—but not me, no way
I’m just a hillbilly girl from the Sticks

I can muck out a barn
Chop a field of corn
Pluck a chicken clean and
Pick cotton all day in the sun

I’m just a hillbilly girl from the Sticks
Would much rather go barefoot than wear shoes
Most of the time prefer flannel shirts over silk and
I can sew a pretty fine quilt
I’m just a hillbilly girl from the Sticks

Most hillbilly girls can drive a John Deere as well as a Ford
Most would rather have a bottle of beer than wine and
We do the Texas Two Step just fine
A hillbilly girl from the Sticks you should find
Just a hillbilly girl from the Sticks