There are none so blind
As he who will not see
You didn’t bother to find out
If what you had heard was true

Assuming, just assuming

All those rumors, lies and innuendos
Were just that, just that
Petty women jumping to conclusions

Assuming, just assuming

Nothing I have ever done
Should have caused your to run
All you had to do was ask

Assuming, just assuming

Don’t come back a crying
When your find out the truth
Now we are through, so there

Assuming, just assuming

I love you, still; I always will
But I will not live with you
Cause all you had to do was ask

Assuming, just assuming

Gee Golly Gosh

Someone introduced us
And I looked into your eyes
I lost control of my senses
Really really got tongue tied

My knees turned to mush
My face got real flushed
You kinda smiled and smiled
I just sighed and sighed

gee golly gosh
gee golly gosh

I’m acting sixteen instead of thirty-three
I think I’ve got a fever
Sure wish I could twitter
Can’t talk, walk, or shake your hand

Please don’t turn away
Please don’t walk away
I need an hour or two
I’ve fallen head over heels for you

gee golly gosh
gee golly gosh

So just keep smiling
I’ll just keep sighing
Sooner or later I’ll say,
“You had me at Hello.”


In the forest dark and gloomy
Little elves come out to play
They are pesky little fellows

Wood nymphs scatter scatter scatter
There are hundreds of them
They flit about and scatter scatter scatter

And then there are the dragons
With those we really must not meddle
Cause we are so crunchy and good with ketchup

Sprites, elves and spirits
All seem to be mischievous
But never bring harm to anyone

The forest primeval holds much wonder
But most of us never look behind the trees
Children know what is there and revel in it

But as we age so goes away our imagination
So goes away most of our curiosity
So goes away our wonder of possibilities

In the forest dark and gloomy
Little elves come out and play

Three Little Words

Other than “I love you”
There are three little words
All woman adore
They are rarely ever spoken
They are rarely ever heard

Men world rather choke on their beer
Than utter these three little words
Men avoid saying these three little words
Like they avoid taking directions
I think it has something to do with mechanics

Now your man may be intelligent and he maybe bright
But I’ll just bet you’ll never hear
Hear him say…. “You were right”

Nashville, TN

I woke up this morning
Just like any other day
But this morning I’m walking away
Three decades I’ve given you, but not one more day

The cold northern winters
I’m leaving behind
For the last year I’ve studied cities on line
I’ve decided on Nashville, TN

A sweet southern town
Gonna live where the air is filled with sweet smelling vines
I’ll have sun on my face
Leaving behind long days of cold and ice
My life, I know, will have a slower place
And maybe I’ll speak with a drawl

I woke up this morning
Just like any other day
But this morning I’m walking away
Three decades I’ve given you but not one more day

Now, seems most of the time
More warm weather than cold and ice
Sipping sweet tea and listening to the Grand Old Opry
Sure can’t beat that way of life

Always Will

I awoke with a jolt from a deep, deep sleep
Reached out for you in the dark
Half asleep I could not find your hand
Cause long ago you had left me all alone

Year it has been now; years of tears and pain
But I get through each and every day just fine
It’s the nights that still haunt me
My subconscious will not let you go

So I don’t sleep a lot, per chance to dream
My love for you will never die
Like still waters, it runs so deep
I’ll just live without a lot of sleep

Memories sweet sweet memories
Always on my mind
Loved you then, love you still
I guess I always will

Catch and Release

I found me the prettiest little filly
Down in Opelika, Alabama
Took her to my cabin in the Smokies
The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee

After a few more days of great, great lovin’
I was plumb tuckered out
Now, wasn’t I lucky?
Cause she’s half my age and twice as perky

So I told her I needed a rest and I was going fishing
She squinted her blue eyes at me
Put her hands on her hips
She said, “Oh, no, you aint.”

We’re still on our honeymoon, you jerk
All you’re gonna do is to is roll in the hay
And further more I hate everything about fishing
You ain’t cooking or eatin’ them smelly things in here
I don’t even want you to think about fishin’

Now, I love that little filly, you know that I do
But I’ve been fishin’ `fore I was a talkin’
I’m known as Lee Davis, the fish whisperer
And I got to take a stand or take up drinkin’

I told her I’d been fishin’ a whole lot longer than a lovin’
Told her there weren’t no compromising
You got two choices, little gal—catch, clean, cook, and eat` em
Or take this fifty dollar bill and start a hiking

Now, I done caught me something’ that I don’t want to keep
I ain’t never been one to catch `n’ release
But this time I’m makin’ an exception
That lil’ gal is going in the deep
Where I’m from we call that, “catch `n’ release”

Winter’s Coming

Winter is in the air
Closing in everywhere
The valley is chilled
And the bears are hibernating

Sweat no longer forms upon my brow
And all the birds are flying south
The warmth from the sun
Is shorter from day to day

An extra quiet upon the bed lies
And by breath I can now see
The changing of the seasons
Dulls the senses inside of me

Gone are the patchwork of leaves
Leaving the limbs of trees bare
A hush or murmur falls upon the land
Like a visitation of all who grieve

The land will be frozen
And the fingers cold
No flowers blooming
No gentle breezes blowing

Winter is a harsh master
That we must endure
To them be rewarded finally
With another spring when here


All by myself alone
Days are tolerable cause there’s much to do
But when the sun goes down my mood surely turns blue

Melancholy days without you
Long long lonely nights
Never ever seem to get any better.

Shadows of the past play across my mind
Bringing memories and so much sadness
Every night it’s the same ole picture show

Long lonely nights never ever seem to get easier
I turn up the lights trying to keep memories at bay
But the heart takes over and pushes me into the fray

Time marches on but I’m still in the same old place
Too many years too many memories too many shed tears
It’s the same old song, long time gone but never forgotten

All by myself alone
Singing the same old sad song
Watching my memories like a picture show
All by myself all alone, all alone, all alone

Killing Time (Virgil’s song)

I’m getting away with murder
Cause I’m just killing time
The only thing we can’t buy
The one thing we can’t save
And at the end

The one thing we wish more of
Time is so precious
And we’re all murderess
But me, I’m so guilty of this
Enough for two lifetimes

My friends say I’m lazy
Some even say I’m crazy
Cause I’m killing time

No matter how hard we try
To stop it or slow it
Time moves on and on and on
Ticking away second to days
Days to years
And we all say “where did the time go?”

Killing time should be a crime
Really should be
So lock me up
Lock me up and throw away the key
Cause I’m a guilty as guilty as can be

I’m getting away with murder
Cause I’m just killing time
And I want to know
How many of you are guilty of this crime
Lock me up and throw away the key
Cause I’m a guilty as guilty as can be.

(written by Catharine Hess and Virgil Bean)