Catch and Release

I found me the prettiest little filly
Down in Opelika, Alabama
Took her to my cabin in the Smokies
The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee

After a few more days of great, great lovin’
I was plumb tuckered out
Now, wasn’t I lucky?
Cause she’s half my age and twice as perky

So I told her I needed a rest and I was going fishing
She squinted her blue eyes at me
Put her hands on her hips
She said, “Oh, no, you aint.”

We’re still on our honeymoon, you jerk
All you’re gonna do is to is roll in the hay
And further more I hate everything about fishing
You ain’t cooking or eatin’ them smelly things in here
I don’t even want you to think about fishin’

Now, I love that little filly, you know that I do
But I’ve been fishin’ `fore I was a talkin’
I’m known as Lee Davis, the fish whisperer
And I got to take a stand or take up drinkin’

I told her I’d been fishin’ a whole lot longer than a lovin’
Told her there weren’t no compromising
You got two choices, little gal—catch, clean, cook, and eat` em
Or take this fifty dollar bill and start a hiking

Now, I done caught me something’ that I don’t want to keep
I ain’t never been one to catch `n’ release
But this time I’m makin’ an exception
That lil’ gal is going in the deep
Where I’m from we call that, “catch `n’ release”