There’s an angel on my shoulder
I cannot see her but I believe
Cause when I’m down in spirit
She whispers to me “Be of good cheer.”

Don’t buckle under the stairs
Don’t give in to all that pain
Tomorrow will be a better day
Focus on your light for your way

Dream when you’re feeling badly
Think of what could come at last
A wish fulfilled to ease the sad
Joy from the work that you have had

Bones aching, loneliness in the dark
Pity party for one for the stark
Never give up and never give in
That’s the only way you have to win

Angel on my shoulder to lift me up
Belief that tomorrow will be a better day
When all is said and all is done
Start your day off with a happy song

Angel on my shoulder showing me the way
Peace come to anyone who will pray
Joy for the living, joy for those who are giving
Angel on my shoulder showing me the way