If I Give My Heart to You

if i give my heart to you
will you  love me always
lie within my arms in sleep
thru all of life’s tomorrows

if i give my love to you
will you never let it go
wrap it within your very soul
and always – always keep it so

if my beauty fades and leaves me
my eyes lose much of their sparkle
all my thoughts begin to scatter
to You…… would any of this matter

with an unfaultering trust
will you forever adore me
still share your laughter with me
and leave a smile that i can see

if i give my heart to you
then will you my hero be
no need for any fantasy
just you and me and eternity

if i walk beside you always
then will you forever hold my hand
protecting me from lifes sorrows
and lead me to the promised land

if i’ve given you my heart
will you handle it with care
for all the love we have shared
since forever time began

forever and forever and forever more
since our time began
for ever ever ever more