I was born in a Smokey Mountain holler
Grew up alongside all kinds of wildlife
Bears, mountain men, cats wearing dresses, earrings, knives

My pappy taught me how to run like hell
When he came a-lookin’ to give me a whoopin’
My brothers taught me how to fight and stay out of jail
My sisters taught me how to flirt, how to get a girl

Now, I’m better at flirtin’ than at fightin’
That’s why I stay in so much trouble
Then there gals I can’t figure out
One minute they’re a kissin’; next they’re a shootin’

I like the danger of making moonshine
Playin’ Hide and Seek with the sheriff and
Driving crazy at night though the mountain side
Turn off your lights and they’ll never find you

I like making shine
Kissin’ purdy gals so fine
Both can get you into trouble
Both can get you killed

I like livin’ in our mountain holler
With the wild, wild animals of the human king