The Date

We moved down here from way up north
The boy next door to us was luscious
He asked me to go on a date
He asked me to go a gigging
I was so thrilled I couldn’t wait

Spent two hours on my hair
Make-up put with care
Nails done with little stars on
Wore my Ralph Lauren jeans
New shirt, shoes with special laces

He picked me up in a 4-wheeler at eight
I did think that was a bit strange
We drove through the muddy fields
Coming at last to a couple of ponds
He hands me a stick with prongs
And says, “come on come on
This is gonna be fun
We are going to get dirty”

The moral of my story: He said, “We were gonna get dirty”
I did not know he meant literally

Southern boys sure know how to make a good impression on their first date
And they really know how to treat a Yankee.