Silly Silly Fool

Thought I had gotten over you, silly, silly me
Thought I put you on that shelf for all past lovers
But there you were on that park bench lookin’ so fine
The place where you said, “Good-bye” and broke that heart of mine

You didn’t see me, so I slipped behind a tree
My heart doing flip flops that no one could see
Must have just been foolin’ myself, that’s so true
Silly, silly fool to think I’d gotten over you

What do I do now-Just walk up and say, “Hello”
Or go back the way I came, pretend you never showed
I already know that I’m not good at pretending
I know I still love you but do I want you back again

My head is saying, “No, no you fool, not again”
But my heart is screaming, “Oh, yes, yes, yes you do
Go to him; listen to what he has to say to you
Or you’ll forever wonder what might have been”

Silly, silly fool
To think you had gotten over him